Story of a daughter, Khushi

Khushi (name changed) is my patient. Her father died in a road accident. She once narrated her story and I feel each one of us should read it.

Hi friends,

My name is Khushi. My father died just before my birth. Today, my mother told me the story of what happened before my birth. When my mother told my father that she felt my kicks in her stomach, i.e. I started moving in the womb, my father was dancing with joy. She told me why she kept my name Khushi, for my father’s happiest moment in his life would be my birth, so he wanted to keep my name Khushi.
However, before my birth, he met with an accident. While lying injured on the road, no one helped him. He died before reaching the hospital. It is written in his death certificate that the cause of his death was the loss of blood.

Had some kind-hearted person would have taken training on first-aid and would have spared his/her valuable 10 minutes to stop bleeding and calling an ambulance, then my father would have been alive, and like my other friends, I would also have been playing with him. I could have enjoyed his care and concern.
I miss my father a lot. Can I request you all to learn the first-aid and help someone’s parent if he or she is on-road or rail met with an accident? Your valuable 10 minutes after training on first aid would help save someone’s father, husband, son, mother, sister, wife, or dearly loved.

I request every reader of this blog to enroll themselves for first aid training and become a Good Samaritan, so “NO KHUSHI” has to miss her father. Your Right Help will save many lives during such accidents.