Accident Prevention & Response

An accident is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. It is a man-made disaster and the 8th highest cause of death in India. The impact of an accident on the victim may be death, disability, or prolonged hospitalization, but for the family, it is financial overheads, psychological stress, and irreversible loss.


  • Every year almost 2.3 lakh people die, and about 10 lakh people become disabled due to accidents on Indian roads
  • 22.8% of all trauma is transport-related Injuries due to Rail and Road accidents, while 72.2% of injuries are due to industrial accidents, falls, fire, disasters, terrorism, sports, etc.
  • 80% of victims do not receive any medical care within the Golden Hour (Indian Journal of Surgery)

The cause of death and disability in an accident victim could be due to:

  • Severity of Accident
  • Mishandling the victim (by the untrained first Responder – Good Samaritans or bystanders)
  • Delay in an ambulance reaching the site of the incident
  • Untrained paramedic ambulance
  • Unequipped ambulance
  • Multiple transfers before curative treatment

Most of the deaths or disabilities happen due to the victim’s mishandling at the site and delayed treatment. Planning for accident prevention and response requires an understanding of every aspect of an accident. It includes causes of accidents, black spots, impact, response mechanism, infrastructure, stakeholders, preparedness, and sector-specific preventive elements.

RADHEE team brings to the table its subject matter expertise, research before any execution, planning for the project implementation, which gives measurable and long-term sustainable changes.

Prevention is better than cure

Accident Prevention

RADHEE’s approach toward accident prevention and capacity building is well-thought and comprehensive. It creates the best practices that can be replicated in other areas and ensure that the preventive measures are sustainable. Before initiating a project, we conduct in-depth study and research on acts, polices, vulnerable areas, stakeholders affected, gaps, and challenges in policy ground-level implementation. We study and understand the behavioural approach and challenges while enrolling in the citizens. We plan implementation and remedial measures to be system-driven, not people-driven, and ensure it does not create any other problem post-implementation.

RADHEE collaborates with government and stakeholders for

  • Policy advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Accident prevention measures
  • Public awareness drive
  • Training

Accident Response

RADHEE promotes Right Help, Early Help. Wrong Help, even if early, cause more damages than support to an accident victim.

Platinum 10 minutes

Post-accident, Platinum 10 minutes decide the fate of the victim’s survival, recovery, and disability. Trained and equipped help by First Responder (Good Samaritan – any bystander or Police) will save a life, promote early recovery, and reduce disability. Platinum 10 minutes includes how the victim is rescued from the accident site, shifted to a safe place, and given first-aid till the ambulance arrives.

Platinum 10 minutes Is achieved by below activities

  • First Responder Training
  • Good Samaritan Awareness Drive

Trauma Management

Any trauma management needs a 360-degree approach, subject matter expertise, and a visionary approach while planning for Golden Hour Management and treating trauma patients. RADHEE takes every care for the victim to get the Right Help, Early Help

Trauma Management is achieved by below two project of RADHEE

In India, every hour, 15 people die in road accidents, while 60 are seriously injured

RADHEE has studied existing Motor Vehicle Act, Polices and challenges in ground level implementation. We have identified gaps in current system and developed remedial measures. For long-term sustainable outcome and to reduce the number of death, we work on multiple aspect simultaneously. Collaboration with government and every stakeholder is key for sustainability.

Policy Advocacy

RADHEE collaborates with various state governments and MoRTH for policy advocacy to bring a sustainable improvement in policy implementation to reduce the road accident. We are also collaborating with various NGOs, Corporate Organizations, and activists as a subject matter expert for policy advocacy.

Awareness Drive

  • Time to time, RADHEE conducted a Safer Drive initiative for public awareness. More than 10 lakh citizens and drivers are enrolled in the Safer Drive Campaign in coloration with various stakeholders.
  • Promoted Safer Driving concept among school and college students with the idea of a three-generation awareness drive
  • Organized poster and painting competition for school and college students on Safer Drive subject
  • Conducted multiple social media campaigns
  • Conducted awareness drive to enrol citizen as Good Samaritan

Driver’s Training

RADHEE conducted a defensive driving training program for truck, tempo, autorickshaw, college students, parent-teachers association in collaboration with government bodies, and various stakeholders. To date, we have conducted more than 500 training enrolling 28,000+ drivers across India.

Reporters workshop

Media is a powerful tool to educate people and bring awareness to people. RADHEE, in association with Maharashtra Transport Dept, initiated a series of training workshops for the reporters. We launched the program in Feb 2019, where approximately 60 reporters attended. With the first workshop’s success, we conducted more workshops

  • at Thane in collaboration with Thane RTO
  • at Kalyan, in collaboration with Kalyan RTO
  • at Khalapur Toll Naka, in collaboration with IRD and Highway Police

Reporters, local NGOs, and Police attended these worshops.


In the workshops, reporters from newspapers, tv media, magazines, radio, and column writers were present. More than 75 reporters were trained on transformation from Incident to Analytical, Informative, and Educational Reporting through this program. All reporters appreciated workshop content, and mishaps have decreased by 10%.

Accident Blackspot

The team at RADHEE are the initiators on accident blackspot identification and implementing remedial measures. At two accident blackspots, RADHEE successfully fixed the issues and made it into a zero-accident spot.

  • We identified a blackspot at Godrej Junction, Vikhroli, where everyday accidents were happening. We detected the cause of accidents and enrolled Road Engineering Department, Mumbai Municipal Corporation, and Traffic Police to install the signal and speed breaker. The place became a zero-accident spot in 2007.
  • We identified a blackspot at Old Mumbai Nasik Highway near Kasara Ghat, where significant accidents were happening due to abrupt blind turn near the valley. We enrolled PWD and Highway Police to install barricades, speed breakers, and reflector signages near the blind bend.


Maharashtra government, MoRTH, and all State Governments adopted the best practices created by RADHEE. Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety is also stressing to identify the accident blackspot and take remedial measures.

Nearly 50,000 people have lost their lives between 2015 and 2017 on railway tracks

The cause of death & disability of railway accident victims is primarily due to delayed medical treatment and mishandling. RADHEE launched the Save a Life project to reduce the death and disability in railways by improving the infrastructure, develop a team of trained volunteers at every pocket to help accident victims and educate the commuter to take a precautionary approach.

RADHEE carried out a research study to identify vulnerable areas for the accident, causes of the accident, and causes of death, and disability. We determined that the response time to pick up the accident was 30 minutes to 4 hours, and untrained help caused the fatalities due to loss of blood and secondary injuries.

Accident Prevention

With an objective to reduce the number of accidents in railways, RADHEE conducted awareness drive among the railway passengers. The drive was made sustainable by using public announcement system of railways to spread awareness.

Accident Response

To reduce the response time and correct handling of the accident victim to prevent death and disability, RADHEE planned the first Responders’ training with an objective of Right Help, Early Help.

We identified that Porter, Hamal’s, Shoe polish boy, Railway Station Staff are present 24/7 on the railway stations are the first responders to an accident. The station Master was made the leader of the team identified as the first responder.

In the first phase of the project, RADHEE developed teams of trained volunteers in the western railway from Churchgate to Palghar. We set standard operative procedures and made suggestions to improve the railway’s first aid box. These measures have helped in saving many lives of accident victims in Western Railway. We promoted a safety culture in the railways through regular announcements on public address systems for accident prevention and safety awareness.

Our activities include:

  • First Responder committee at every railway station
  • Upgrading the first aid box content
  • Change in the medical manual for training at the railway board
  • Training of porters and vendors who are always present at the railway station
  • Passenger awareness program to reduce accidents
  • PIL to change the policy of early response to an accident victim
  • Awareness program among the commuter to take safety precautions and help the accident victim
  • Enrol railway authorities to use a public address system to spread awareness for accident prevention and enrolled the railway to develop a safety culture

RADHEE promotes the scientific approach to help accident victims

The first responder is the person who comes forward to help an accident victim as soon as the accident happens. The first responder is a Good Samaritan who could be any bystander, companion, or police personnel aware of how to help accident victims.

First Responder Training teaches how to help the accident victim through scientific handling of the patient with an objective of Right Help, Early Help. The training is a one-day training program for the people aged 16 or above.

RADHEE identifies the vulnerable areas and does the capacity building program by developing trained first responders and resources in association with the government bodies and institutions. RADHEE enrolls the community for preventive measures to reduce the number of accidents through this trained first responder.

RADHEE has trained more than 30,000 people in First Responder training, including students, police, and selected volunteers in the vulnerable areas.

RADHEE’s First Responder training connects and mobilizes ordinary people and police personnel to become first-responders to the road accident victims and provide essential but life-saving care to the victims in a timely fashion.

  • If you witness or come across an accident, the least you can do is call the police and ambulance service.
  • Learn how to help accident victims. Be a Good Samaritan to provide the right help
  • Drive responsibly. An accident can change your life and the victim’s life forever
  • Be mindful of emergency vehicles. Always give way to them

What You can Do?

When you find someone in an accident, medical emergency or trauma

  • Call 108 Ambulance Helpline or 112 Emergency Helpline 
  • Give address of the accident site with landmark
  • Give details of the injury and symptoms of the patient
  • Reply to all the questions asked by 108 Ambulance Helpline
  • Wait till the ambulance arrives. It should take 15 to 25 minutes
  • Talk to the patient and give assurance until the medical help arrives
  • Ensure that no one touches the patient unless trained to do so
  • Do not give anything to eat or drink to the accident victim