In line with the Mandate from United Nations to reduce road accident fatalities by 50%, RADHEE has been doing advocacies with the Police Department to reduce road accidents and minimize the response time for road accident victims.


  • Enrolled Police to identify the vulnerable accident spot and take corrective measure to prevent accidents
  • Enrolled Police to give priority to the ambulance and assist in speeding up ambulance
  • Designate Ambulance Helpline number to be operated by traffic police
  • In Mumbai, developed and implemented the SOP for control room staff to speed up the ambulance and reduce the response time in reaching the hospital. It was shared across India with the support of Maharashtra Police.
  • Trained 2000 police personnel as the first responder to give the right help to the accident victim to reduce fatalities due to loss of blood or mishandling
  • For uniform message and standardization of help to accident victims, initiated the process of developing the first responder curriculum for police training academy