RADHEE Disaster and Education Foundation understands the policies, government functioning, execution, and ground-level challenges. Based on the research, we work in detail on finding a solution to the challenges faced in implementation on various social issues. To ensure that the social change and welfare RADHEE does is sustained over the long-term, we do advocacy with the Government bodies and ensure that it is integrated into the policies and acts.

At RADHEE, for advocacy, we create an environment of trust with the Government and stakeholders. Meetings are conducted with the key personnel to discuss in detail the solutions and collaborate to implement them at the ground level.

We do the advocacies on the core level issues with the Government. Its outcomes are never a photo event, nor does it boomerang after some time. We value all effort and time but do not expect any monetary returns or fame. The change that we bring is appreciated and replicated in other areas and constitutions of the country.