Golden Hour Management

Accident, Heart attack, stroke, suicide, and medical emergency patient needs medical help in Golden Hour. These are among the top 10 causes of death. Generally, 72% of these patients are between the age group of 22years to 42year, who are also the bread earner of the family. Delay in getting the Right Medical Help is a cause of death, complication, disability, prolonged medical care, overburdening the health care infrastructure, and GDP loss.

The objective of Golden Hour Management is Right Help, Early Help


  • Save life of the post-trauma victim
  • Promote early recovery
  • Reduce secondary injury due to mishandling

Trauma management requires a 360-degree approach. The patient should receive early help and professional help and transport to the right hospital. While lifting and transporting the secondary and tertiary injury should be avoided. The ambulance should be well-equipped and manned by skilled paramedics to function as a level-4 trauma center.


The team at RADHEE are subject matter experts to support the health department and concern government departments in trauma management. They plan and implement preventive steps to ensure there is a reduction in accidents, post-accident death, and disability. It promotes early recovery to reduce the burden on health care infrastructure.

RADHEE works in Golden Hour Management to scientifically address every aspect of Trauma Management. We have worked with various Government bodies to plan the response system during the first hour following trauma or medical emergency.


RADHEE collaborates with the government and gets associated with corporate organizations working in accident prevention and trauma management. For long term sustainability, RADHEE does planning, policy advocacy, and ground-level implementation for reducing the number of sector-specific accidents and post-trauma management.


RADHEE is appointed Consultants to the Health & Family Welfare Department, Odisha, for Golden Hour Management in Trauma Patients in the State. The scope of engagement includes developing the Policy, guidelines, curriculum, SOP, Flow chart, forming a committee to address all the four steps of Golden Hour Management.

  1. First Response – First aid in platinum 10minutes
  2. Pre-Hospital Care – Ambulance Service
  3. Transportation to the hospital – Speedup ambulances
  4. Hospital Care – Trauma care in hospitals


  • Resolution of the Private Ambulance Integration Process and NOC
  • 48 hours of free treatment FTTF (Fund for Trauma Treatment Facility) which has reduced the post accidental deaths
  • RFP for Ambulance Integration
  • Proceedings of the meeting under the chairmanship of Collector, Khurda. The objective of the meeting was to functionalize the TCF as per the guidelines of the MoFHW, GoI
  • MoM of the discussions under the chairmanship of the Superintendent, SCB MCH. The objective of the meeting was to functionalize the TCF as per the guidelines of the MoFHW, GoI
  • Enrolment of the Superintendent SCB MCH and Collector Khurda to have a permanent nursing staff instead of the daily rotation of Nursing staff
  • Enrolled the Health secretary for the training and refresher training course for the TCF staff.

What You can Do?

When you find someone in medical emergency or trauma

  • Call 108 Ambulance Helpline
  • Give address of the emergency site with landmark
  • Give details of the injury and symptoms of the patient
  • Reply to all the questions asked by 108 Helpline
  • Wait till the ambulance arrives. It should take 20 to 25 minutes
  • Talk to the patient and give assurance until the medical help arrives
  • Ensure that no one touches the patient unless trained to do so