Private Hospital registers with Charity Commission. It benefits in operational cost from the Local and State government. For getting these benefits, they have to reserve 10% beds free for BPL (Below Poverty Line) and 10% beds for the above BPL category where they have to pay 50% charges only.

In 2005, RADHEE developed a list of all the Hospitals registered with the Charity Commission in Mumbai and mapped the process of getting admission. In collaboration with the Health Department and Solid Waste Management, we conducted an awareness program with local leaders, NGOs working in slums, Asha workers so that the scheme reaches the poor. When BPL patients get admitted to a private hospital, it also reduces the burden on government hospitals.


  • Enrolling the MCGM and Charity commissioner to keep a record of the free BPL beds in the private charitable hospital and ensure it reaches to BPL family as well as utilized to save the life of an accident victim
  • Enrolling the state government to use of 20% BPL bed in the private charitable hospital for the accident victims


Many NGOs across India have taken up the best practices of RADHEE’s project of supporting poor people with BPL beds to give quality healthcare and reduce the burden on government hospitals.