First Aid

The First Aid training programme offers you complete knowledge and training to equip you to render useful assistance at times of emergencies like road/rail/air accidents, injuries, fractures, fainting, shock, choking, heart attack and similar situations.

The course would qualify you to render CPR and be able to offer basic life support until Medical/Ambulance Service takes over.

This course is for everyone as First Aid is civic responsibility and hence is very popular with every profession including Pilots, Captions, Army, Police, Navy, Teachers, Students, Factory Managers, Public Servants, etc. This course is useful for Corporate Organizations, Manufacturing and Chemical Industries, Government bodies, etc.


This special training course is to equip smart persons to be able to provide basic life support and perform CardioPulmonary

Resuscitation in case of such a need arising. The training would enable one to graduate to identify persons suffering from heart attack

to ensure that help is available in every community, which knowledge would surely minimise risks and fatality.

Medical Emergency Preparedness

This training program will help you to deal with medical emergencies at workplace, home, during travel and mid-hours. This prepares you to talk effectively on phone with Doctors.

You will be trained to reduce the pain and complications of the patient before medical help arrives.

First Responder

This First Responder training program is designed to prepare you (volunteer) to help others in event of accidents, bomb blast, terror attack and other such emergencies. The training will help you to effectively communicate with government bodies and hospitals.

You are prepared to save life by giving “Early Help and Right Help”

The program is aimed at providing basic skills, and confidence, required to save someone’s life in an emergency. The message conveyed by the program is basic and repetitive so that participants become thorough in the skill-set being taught.

The program elements include:

  • Recognising an emergency
  • First contact with the victim
  • Contacting Police/Hospitals
  • Opening an airway
  • CPR
  • Immobilisation
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Special scenarios (Bomb blasts, drowning, choking, electrocution, heart attack)

The program’s target audience is:

  • Police emergency responders
  • Traffic Police
  • School & college students
  • Young professionals
  • Three-wheeler & taxi drivers

Basic Fire Fighting

Basic Fire Fighting training will help you to take preventive steps to reduce the incidence of Fire and have knowledge to extinguish fire before it spread.

This training program is useful for each and every individual and organizations.

Basic Search and Rescue

Basic Search and Rescue program will train you to help yourself and others in event of a flood.

This program will help to prepare rescue equipment in NO TIME to save life of self and others. You will have knowledge to save valuable information and material for early rehabilitation.

Disaster Preparedness

This program is about self awareness of the disasters that can affect you and your family. It helps to take preventive steps and do the capacity building.

Disaster Early Response System

We offer comprehensive training and skills development to handle disaster situations as envisaged by the Disaster Management and Contingency Plan.

This training program will help:

  • to conduct HVRC (Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk, Capacity) analysis
  • to take preventive steps and avoid disaster from happening
  • to build a team of skilled people that develop a safety culture in the organization
  • to have a planned response in event of a disaster

This program is useful for corporate organizations, all type of industries, educational institutions, government bodies, etc.

School Safety

Schools are most vulnerable during disaster and strengthening school means three generation awareness program.

RADHEE does teacher training program for “Master Trainer Training Program” in school and assistance through one year MoU with schools for long term sustainability & capacity building.