About Us


RADHEE Disaster and Education Foundation comprises a team of professionals doing projects and advocacy in the field of Public Health, Golden Hour Management, Accident Prevention, and Disaster Risk Reduction. RADHEE has worked in multiple states across India to reduce the aftermath of accidents, disasters, and health emergencies through advocacy, awareness, planning, and training. RADHEE is Consultants to the State of Odisha for Golden Hour Management in Trauma Patients.

RADHEE promotes Right Help, Early Help to reduce the impacts of an emergency and save lives.

Since its inception in 2010, RADHEE has implemented various social projects designed and executed in collaboration with the government bodies to bring a long-term sustainable change that can be measured and replicated in other regions of India. Such projects include Organ Donation, Accident Prevention, and Golden Hour Management. RADHEE implemented its pioneering project “Give Way to Ambulance” across the country, and got the government to included our recommendations in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019.