RADHEE promotes "Right Help, Early Help" to reduce impacts of an emergency and save lives


RADHEE Disaster and Education Foundation is a registered charitable organization working on the social cause to reduce the aftermath of disasters, accidents and health emergencies through advocacy, awareness, planning and training.

We are a team of experts having skills in the area of Health, Disaster Management, Technology, and Business Resilience. We have functional understanding of government machinery and experience in ground level implementation of policies and procedures.

All our projects are well designed and executed in collaboration with the government bodies to bring a sustainable change that can be measured and replicated in other regions of the country. We have been awarded and appreciated by the Government for all of our projects as they see immense value in our work


Self-Immunity Check

Immunity system of our body fight infections and helps us to stay healthy and disease free. Strong Immunity of human beings will be a game changer in fight against COVID-19 Pandemic. It will restrict the infection to asymptomatic or mild symptoms not requiring hospitalization. RADHEE developed "Self Immunity Check", a checklist cum survey to educate people and empower them to take the right steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 disease. More...

Give way to Ambulance

Ambulances get stuck in traffic and due to delay in reaching hospital, the patient in it becomes critical or a life is lost. Everyday 24,012 people die due to delay in medical help. RADHEE advocates creation of Green Corridor for the Ambulances to save life. It enrolled drivers and traffic police on the road for right-of-way to the Ambulance through a common message "Give Way to Ambulance- Move Left, Drive Slow". More...

Golden Hour Management

The Golden Hour is the period of time from incident to patient getting definitive care, specially following a traumatic injury, heart attack or medical emergency during which prompt medical treatment will prevent death, disability and promote early recovery. RADHEE works on all aspects of Golden Hour - first response, pre-hospitalization care, transportation to the hospital and emergency medical care at hospital. It does advocacy and ground level implementation. More...

Accident Prevention

Through Accident Prevention, RADHEE's goal is to reduce the accidents and along with bring a sense of responsibility in every citizen towards itself, fellow human beings and the nation. RADHEE does advocacy to develop policies, planning and capacity building. RADHEE is working on all types of accident prevention including road, rail, fire, industrial, etc. It is recognized for its work on mass awareness, enrolment and education on road safety, rail safety, fire safety and black spot. More...

Disaster Relief Mobilization

RADHEE, as subject matter experts, work with NGOs, Donors and Government Agencies for coordinated approach of equal distribution of relief material. This avoids duplication, wastage and scarcity of material in all affected areas including outskirts and interiors. RADHEE follows principle of supply chain management for demand and supply prediction, transportation and packaging of distribution material. It has team of trained volunteers which are allocated in affected areas as required. More...

Disaster Rescue and Relief Management System

During a disaster, response agencies need to act promptly for rescue and relief work to reduce the impact and save lives. RADHEE, through its 18 months of planning and under consultation of various experts have developed the architecture for an application "Disaster Rescue and Relief Management System". It is an AI powered platform to connect all response agencies, maintain resource database and manage needs and supplies for relief material distribution. More...


Coordinated approach from policy advocacy to execution at ground level

Enrollment of all stakeholders including Government

Visible improvisation & measurable outcome

Long term sustainability

We invite corporate organizations to partner with us through their CSR funds to bring sustainable positive change in the society. With our skills and experience, we create value for both society and for the organization.