Procedure for Railway Accident Compensation

RADHEE has taken the initiative to share documents related to Railway accident compensation. Our volunteer, Advocate Dipti Naik, has been instrumental in supporting this activity.

We strongly believe preventing accidents is always a better option than going for the hassles of compensation. Such compensations come at very high costs, maybe the life of near and dear ones, long-term hospitality, or disability.

This initiative helps the Railway Accident victim or relative of the victim understand how to claim for compensation.
The links below contain Acts, Documents, and related Sample drafts required to support the compensation procedure for Railway Accident.

1. Railway Act, 1989 – It has more than 200 sections, but we have shared what helps the accident compensation.

2. Railway Claims Tribunal Act 1987 – Important sections are highlighted in the document for a straightforward process of understanding the accident claim.

3. Railway Accident Compensation Rules, 1990 – Here, you can find the type of injury sanctioned for the claim.

4. Railway Passengers Rule 2003