Know Your Helmet

Most of the two-wheeler riders wear a helmet to save themselves from traffic penalties. Whereas a helmet is meant for the safety of the rider’s head during any untoward incident.

40% of Road accidents are two-wheeler riders. The cause of an accident can be

  • speed
  • rider’s mistake
  • other driver’s mistake
  • fault in the vehicle
  • fault in road infrastructure

To prevent accidents and save a life, it is essential that

  • safe and responsible driving practices are followed
  • vehicle safety is maintained
  • the rider is protected with the help of safety gadgets

Many people question me: Can just wearing the helmet protects the rider and save lives after an accident?

RADHEE Disaster and Education Foundation is the first Indian NGO that has done detailed research on what type of Helmet can protect the rider and are creating awareness on it.

RADHEE’s research on Helmet Safety has the following conclusions:
A helmet can protect the head if

  1. The helmet is ISI-approved.
  2. The helmet is appropriately stripped.
  3. The helmet is as per the size of the head.
  4. The helmet should be a full helmet that protects the head, face, ear, and neck
  5. The helmet is replaced from time to time as it gets damaged due to various reasons like continuous wearing, washing, improper handling, etc.
  6. The helmet is washed and cleaned from time to time to prevent irritation, which can cause distraction and invite accidents.
  7. The helmet does not have a Bluetooth connection or any other electronic gadgets attached to it.
  8. The helmet has a reflector tap for visibility while riding a two-wheeler at night on highways or where there is an absence of street lights.
  9. Even bicycle riders should also wear a helmet.
  10. The Helmet should be worn by the rider and pillion rider.
  11. Kids of every age should wear the helmet, if they are a pillion rider.

It is important that the helmet must be removed scientifically to save a life post-accident. To remove helmets scientifically, one has to undergo training and should have practiced many times on dummy for perfection as the slightest error in removing helmet can be a cause of death or permanent disability. Ad-hoc removal of the helmet can be a cause of shock (death) or secondary injury causing permanent disability

When one follows above all guidelines while wearing the helmet during a two-wheeler ride, the helmet will protect the head during any untoward incident and save a life, preventing disability and, of course, saving from the traffic penalties as well.

Remember Following Safety measure is a smart people’s choice.

The team at RADHEE wishes every two-wheeler rider and pillion rider a safer journey.