Are you really eating healthy?

My new patient was claiming that he is eating very healthy food along with all immunity booster foods, but still, he is suffering from health issues. So I thought, let me share with you what mistake he has made which you can avoid.

Pandemic has made us all food conscious. Now, everyone prefers eating only immunity-boosting food. A lot of packaged food is available in the shops claiming to be an immunity booster. In this world of aggressive marketing, how would you identify which product is right for you? My recommendations for you would be to:

  • Do enough research and do not depend on what is claimed in the promotions
  • Check about ingredients and nutritional value of the packed food
  • Look for any precautionary warning on the packet
  • Do not rely on any recommendation, advertisements, or well-wisher’s advice but cross-check yourself

Remember, no company is forcing you to eat their food. Buying them is your choice; thus, you are solely responsible for your health.

But what specifics should you look for? I am sharing some facts about the shelf-life of food, its nutritional value and, references to some hazardous chemicals used by the food packaging industry in the name of nutritional value in the food.

Food’s Shelf-Life

Let me give you some facts about the shelf-life of the food in its natural form (means without adding any preservatives, extra salt, or sugar)

  • Shelf-life is from the date of manufacture up to how many days it can be consumed without any deterioration in the food’s nutritional values. We also call it the expiry date of that food.
  • The shelf-life also means how long food can be consumed without keeping in a refrigerator or without adding a preservative, extra salt, or sugar.

Remember, any food once cooked or extracted from its source has an expiry date. Any raw food, when cut, cooked, grind, or juice, has a limited shelf-life. Every food in its natural form has a shelf-life

Natural shelf-life of any food

  • The recipe made from any grains, pulses, beans, cereals have approximated 14 days of shelf-life if it is in dry form through deep-frying or roasting
  • Cooked vegetable’s shelf-life is approximate 3-6 hours depends on the type of vegetable, weather, ingredients.
  • In winter, the shelf-life of the vegetable can be up to 6-8 hours, but for the same vegetable, shelf-life will be 3-4 hours in summer
  • Fruits juice, fruit cut pieces have 30 minutes to 4 hours of shelf-life, depending upon the type of fruit
  • Cooked fruits have 1-6 days of shelf-life like Jams, pickles, sauces, again depending on how much sugar and salt have been used

How to increase shelf-life naturally without adding preservatives?


  • A Refrigerator can increase shelf-life 2-3 times compared to keeping them at room temperature but reduces the nutritional value

Natural processing of food

  • To increase the shelf-life, add extra salt and/or sugar, 3-6 times more than required. Again, the quantity of sugar and salt will depend on the recipe and ingredients, but it’ll reduce nutritional value and is harmful to the body (immune system)
  • Cooked food, fruits, and vegetables and dried by processing has a little longer shelf-life. Again it depends on the process which you have used, but they lose their nutritional value or may become harmful E.g., pickle, papad.

Artificial method to increase shelf-life

  • Processed food with preservative, extra salt, extra sugar, boil to kill all bacteria, and air-tight packaging will increase shelf-life
  • Dried or packed food items have a longer shelf life but lose its nutritional value.
  • Artificial ingredients or chemicals in packed foods help keep the flavor and taste and increase the shelf-life but lack the nutrition value. This chemical has an adverse impact on the immune system and often has a toxic effect on the body.

How to understand which food is good for health?

Any food prepared fresh, with a little salt, sugar, and without any artificial color, essence, soda, or preservative is best for healthy living and the immune system. 

While buying any packed food or ready to eat foods, check the ingredient and nutritional value written on the packet. Check for the below words on the food packets. Below contents or chemicals are harmful to your body and will negatively impact your digestive and immune system.

  • Malt extract or Maltodextrin
  • Antioxidants (Exyz)
  • Preservatives or Permitted preservatives
  • Artificial Flavours
  • Food Colours, Artificial Permitted Color
  • Food extracts or essence
  • Flavour enhancer or Natural Identical flavour or flavouring substances
  • Inverted Sugar Syrup
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Artificial sweeteners or sweeteners tablets
  • Sweetener (Numbers)
  • Added sugar
  • Edible or Refined Oil
  • Artificial Butter
  • Saturated Fatty acids
  • Trans Fatty acids
  • Corn starch
  • Refined Wheat Flour
  • Acidity regulator
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Gluten
  • Processed word
  • Caffeine
  • Stabilizer

I have shared the facts for you to decide. Now it depends on you whether you are going to get impressed by an advertisement or act smart? There is enough information on the web, including YouTube videos, to guide you on what you should look into a product before buying it.

Remember, any medicine or vaccination can protect you from disease but not your immune system or body as a whole. It is a known fact that every drug and vaccination has side effects, which means it can cure one disease, but it has a harmful impact on your vital organs, making them weak, inviting another illness that may be fatal or with prolonged suffering.

Listen to everyone, but decide wisely and intellectually as it is about your health and wellbeing. In health, there cannot be any shortcuts or miracle. Do not depend on others’ knowledge.

Love yourself, listen to your body, talk to your body. The inner voice of your body is your best guide. It will guide you on what you should choose for eating, how much and when.

Advice: Buy a magnifying glass that will help you read six font size printed safety measures to adhere to the government’s mandate. It specifies chemical consumption for a person as per age, gender, consumption level, etc. You may Google search also.

Best of luck for healthy living on planet earth.