In Mumbai suburban railway, due to rail accidents, every day, approximately 20 people lose their life, and around the same number of people become disabled. Most of the railway accident victim who died before reaching the hospital was due to mishandling, loss of blood, or delay in reaching the hospital.


  • Up-gradation of the First Aid Box content at the Railway Stations
  • Use of public address system for awareness of accident prevention messages
  • PIL in the High Court to improve the infrastructure for accident prevention
  • Enrolled the railway to identify the blackspots of the accident. Black spots like Bombay Central, Kandivali Fatak were identified. Implemented the corrective measures to prevent accidents on these spots
  • Developed the teams of trained First Responder from Churchgate to Virar, which reduced the response time of railway accident victim’s pick-up time to 10 minutes which was from 30 minutes to 4 hours earlier