Self-Immunity Check

combat COVID-19 and address mental health

The stress created by negative media news, economic impact, lockdown, uncertain future, and fear of getting infected has a psychological effect and reduces the citizen’s Immunity. Stress, anxiety, fear, and emotional responses like sadness, anger, weeping, mood swing, etc. are symptoms of weakening mental health. Ignorance, lack of acceptance, and stigma about mental health are the causes of increased depression and suicide cases.

Researchers have mapped immune responses from COVID-19 patients, showing the body’s ability to fight the virus and recover from the infection. It is a well-known fact that Strong Immunity of human beings will be a game-changer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and it could increase asymptomatic and mild symptom patient’s proportion to 90-95%. Strong Immunity will be a key factor to flatten the curve.

  • Self-Immunity Check is addressing Immunity, Mental Health, and Wellness
  • Strong Immunity and mental health wellbeing will ensure a reduction in depression and suicide cases

Self-Immunity Check Application

RADHEE has developed a web application Self-Immunity Check, a complete package of:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Diet

The system is based on a scientific and holistic tool. The assessment questionnaire and customized recommendations are systems-driven; thus, it gives users privacy to respond honestly and frankly. It also encourages them to accept mental health as an essential area for strengthening Immunity and take remedial actions. Recommendations are based on their answers; thus, implementing corrective measures will improve their Immunity and mental health. The system gives simple tips on stress management, anxiety management, and other mental health symptoms management based on the answers.

The process does not involve talking to any human being. Assured privacy of users will have a higher acceptance that mental health.

The application is live on the web link


  • Reduce the number of COVID-19 positive patients and deaths
  • Reduce the number of depression and suicide cases
  • Strong Immunity of citizen will be instrumental in restarting the normal life
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of Indian citizen
  • Reduced burden on healthcare infrastructure by reducing hospitalization

Program metrics will be measured through citizen getting registered with the system and complete their assessment.

In the current pandemic, people are confused due to misguiding advertisements, fake social media messages, and information overload. It is harming the Immunity despite putting many efforts. The team at RADHEE has taken a scientific, holistic, and preventive approach to reduce the spread of diseases, including COVID-19.

Self-Immunity Check web application is developed by inviting subject matter experts and teaching institutes who wanted to contribute to social welfare and had no commercial angle. Self-Immunity check is a platform of authenticated information to remove confusion among citizens towards the right approach to combat diseases and improve mental health.

The following are our partners in the journey to combat COVID-19 and spread awareness for mental health.

Knowledge Partners

Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune
• Vidya Prasarak Mandal’s K.G. Joshi College of Arts and N.G. Bedekar College of Commerce
• MasterMyLife, Mumbai

Technology Partners

  • Vidyalankar Polytechnic College, Mumbai 
  • NTT Netmagic, Mumbai
  • Google Cloud Platform

We are inviting corporate organizations in technology to partner with us for further development, up-gradation, maintenance of the application

Execution Partners

  • NSS wing of Mumbai University
  • NSS wing of SNDT Women’s University
  • Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’s University
  • Boudh Panchayat College, Boudh Odisha

We are in the process of enrolling many more partners to reach every vulnerable citizen in the Country.

CSR Partners

RADHEE is inviting corporate organization who could contribute their CSR funds in the operational costs of running the programs to reach maximum people and administrative expenses of the organization.

CSR Partnering will have many advantages that would include:

  • Utilization of the CSR fund for COVID-19 project
  • Supporting the project which has multiple outcomes in one goal
  • Association with NGO who is working on sustainable project and impact
  • Satisfactory utilization of monetary and intellectual resources in the right channel for the upliftment of the Country
  • Brand visibility at the national level

What You can Do?

  • Check your Self-Immunity –
  • On completion of your assessment, register as a Warrior and enroll people to get the certificate “Warrior against Coronavirus
  • Enroll your family, neighbours, colleagues, relatives, and contact on the social media to check their Immunity and be instrumental in strengthening their Immunity of your near and dear ones