RADHEE welcomes you to take the QUIZ to check your understanding and knowledge on various day-to-day emergencies. A quiz will help you enhance your knowledge of what you should do when you see an accident or medical emergency.  

Your Right Help will save a life, promote early recovery, prevent fire. Remember, saving a life is the biggest charity. 

Good Samaritan or First Responder

Quiz will help you understand what you should do when you see any critical patient due to an accident or unconscious on the road. You would know how you should save a critical patient’s life and don’t end up in police interrogation

Fire Safety Quiz 

Quiz will help you understand the causes of fire and how to extinguish it.

First Aid Quiz

Quiz will help you understand what you should do when someone suddenly falls sick. During such an emergency situation, your prompt RIGHT HELP will not only save lives but also promote early recovery.  


Quizwill help you understand the right steps that should be taken in 2-3 minutes to save a life during a heart attack, drowning and electric shock.

What You Can Do

  1. Take all the quizzes one by one 
  2. Share the quiz link with family, friends, relatives and on social media
  3. Undergo training for hands-on training or your organization, housing society wish to conduct training on First Aid, CPR, & Fire Fighting
  4. For training you can write at info@radhee.com