Health Department

In India, every day, more than 24,000 people die due to a delay in getting medical help within the Golden Hour. The delays are due to the non-availability of the ambulance, ambulances getting stuck in traffic, lack of paramedic in the ambulance, unavailability of beds in the hospital, inter Hospital transfers, and other healthcare support limitations.

RADHEE identified that it is essential to clearly define the role of a first responder, ambulance, and health care infrastructure holistically by developing the policy, which includes all the concerned departments.


  • Instrumental for developing the transfer policy of patients from one government hospital to another. Successfully implemented in Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Mumbai
  • Display of public message about post-mortem centre operations in every Post mortem centre across Maharashtra
  • Enrolled in the Health Department of Government of Maharashtra to give ₹ 30,000 for stabilization treatment of accident victim in a private hospital up to 3 days – awaiting the cabinet approval
  • In the process of enrolling the Health department for developing the Emergency Medical Service Act, which includes all the concerned department and has a 360-degree holistic approach for accident and health emergencies