Give Way To Ambulance

The research identified that every day 24,012 patients in India die due to delay in getting medical help in the Golden Hour. The study concluded that two out of ten patients in Ambulances die before reaching the hospital. The team at RADHEE always believe that while addressing an issue, one should always consider associated issues and activities connected to it. Give Way to Ambulance project not only helps the trauma patients but also helps to save the life of any medical emergency patients.

Give Way to Ambulance” project was launched by Commissioner of Police, Mr. Rakesh Maria, and promoted by eminent celebrities like Ms. Rani Mukherjee. The project was extended to the whole of Maharashtra as Golden Hour – Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with an objective to reduce the deaths in Ambulance by 50% in 2022.

Speeding ambulances save a life, promote early recovery, and reduce the burden on health care infrastructure. Along with speeding Ambulance, RADHEE identified the need for trained ambulance driver and paramedics and ambulance categorization and equipment as per the type of Ambulance and started working on it, and the result was AIS-125 National Ambulance Code.


  • Creation of 1st green corridor for the heart transplant took place in June 2014
  • In June 2014, Maharashtra Transport Department introduced Government Resolution to add Give Way to Ambulance Project in the Road Safety program.
  • The project was launched on 20th September 2014 with Mumbai Police after policy change with the Transport Department of Maharashtra.
  • Through step by step planning entire Maharashtra was enrolled to promote this project
  • A penalty was included in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 for the offender not giving way to Emergency Vehicle to be penalized for Rs. 10,000/- or six-month imprisonment or both.
  • MORTH added categorization (category A, B, C, D) of ambulances in the Vahan portal as per the equipment in the Ambulance
  • 30% reduction in the number of deaths in the Ambulance as people have started giving way to the ambulances
  • 3% reduction of road accidents, where one of the cause is drivers have been giving way to Ambulance
  • Post project implementation, our assessment In Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai indicates that more than 50% of drivers are actively giving way to the Ambulance
  • This project is expanded to pan India initiative

For the sustainability and far reach of the project, RADHEE collaborated with many stakeholders.

Municipal Corporation & Collector

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Thane Municipal Corporation, Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation, Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation, Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation, Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation, Pune Municipal Corporation, Nasik Municipal Corporation, Thane Collector, Raigad Collector, Pune Collector, Nasik Collector, Palghar Collector.


Maharashtra Police, Mumbai Police and its traffic wing, Navi Mumbai Police and its traffic wing, Thane Police, Thane Traffic Police, Highway Police, Thane Rural Police, Palghar Police and its traffic wing, Pune Police, Nasik Police, and All the Police Commissioner and Superintendents of Police form Maharashtra and Karnataka State.

Government Department & Agencies

Ministry of Road Transport and Highway – Government of India, Transport Department – Govt of Maharashtra (RTO), Public Work Dept – Govt of Maharashtra, Heath Department – Govt of Maharashtra, Home Department – Government of Maharashtra, Home Department – Karnataka State, Health Department – Karnataka State, Transport Dept – Govt of Karnataka (RTO), Transport Department – Govt of Gujarat, Transport Department – Govt of Kerala, JN Port Trust – Govt of Maharashtra, Measure and Weight Department – Govt of Maharashtra.

Government Public Transport

Maharashtra State Regional Transport Corporation (MSTRC), BEST Undertaking, NMMT Undertaking, Thane Collector, and Thane Mahanagar Transport, Karnataka State Regional Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

Local Bodies

Ambulance Operators, Toll Naka Operators, Goods Transport Association, Auto-Taxi Association, Driving Schools, School Bus Association, Transport Association, Taxi Union, Autorickshaw Union, Tempo Union, and Goods Carrier Union, All India Goods Transport Association, All India Transporters Welfare Association,  All India Petrol Pump Association, Petrol Pump Association of Mumbai, Petrol Pump Association of Maharashtra.


JN Port Trust, Giant International, Rotary Club Lions Club, NGO’s, CBO’s, Corporate Organizations and Media Houses

Media Support

Press conference, Social Media, Articles in Magazines, TV Interviews, and Radio Announcements

Give way to Ambulance – Move Left, Drive Slow” – IEC material was developed in various formats to enroll the citizen. In Public awareness meetings, people pledged to give way to the Ambulance. They were explained how to speed up the ambulances by providing a uniform message to all drivers, to move to the left, and empty the right lane for the speeding Ambulance.

Ganpati Festival 2015: 1800 Ganpati Mandal displayed awareness banners for Give way to Ambulance in Ganpati Pandal. 5,000+ Ganpati Mandal were briefed during the meeting with Police.

Inclusion in Road Safety Topic: “Give way to Emergency Vehicle, Move Left, Drive Slow” topic was included in the Road Safety week

Helpline for Ambulance Operators: Dedicated helpline number was implemented by Traffic Police for ambulance drivers to coordinate patient pickup and hospital routes. Dedicated number ensures that it is never busy and always available to the ambulance operator for a quick response.

Ganpati Festival 2016: Director General of Police, Maharashtra declared the theme of Ganpati Festival as Give Way to Ambulance – Move Left, Drive Slow, and entire Maharashtra Police did awareness for it

Petrol Pumps: 4500 petrol pumps of Maharashtra started displaying awareness banner from 28th December 2016

Navratri Mandal: Enrolled 8 Navratri Mandal to give a small speech of awareness to devotees

Masjid: During Eid, 22 Masjid displayed Give way to Ambulance banner inside the Masjid.

Students Rally: 20 rallies with the help of school students in different parts of the city

Corporates and NGOs: Enrolled many corporate organizations and NGOs to send the picture emailer to their staff and business associates

Project Initiative in Karnataka

A case study was prepared for the execution activities and success in the state of Maharashtra. Based on the learnings, the implementation plan was developed to cover the whole of the Karnataka state. Under the chairmanship of ACS – Home, a committee is formed of DG Karnataka, Principal Secretary Health, and Principal Secretary Transport to develop the policy, sustainable action plan, and awareness drive.

Other State Activities

  • NGO’s and Corporate Organizations working on Road Safety Project in other states were enrolled to add Give way to Ambulance in their Road Safety activities.
  • IEC material, presentation, and virtual training was done with NGO’s, Corporate Organizations, and their staff

Project Activities Across India

  • As soon as the penalty was added in the new MV Act 2018, every state picked up the project as a part of Road Safety, and many states downloaded the IEC material.
  • Support from the Maharashtra Police and Transport Department made the entire project successful in taking it across India and addition of penalty in the MV Act 2018

Mission Zero Death in Ambulance

Every day we see ambulance getting stuck in traffic, we hear someone died in ambulance as ambulance was late to pick up patient or reach hospital and most of us feel concern what can be done so ambulance speeds up so one life is saved. Research in 2013 revealed that one out of 5 patients in an ambulance die due to an ambulance getting suck in the traffic where in developed countries one out of 200 patient die in ambulance which means 40 times higher deaths in India in ambulance.

After successful implementation of Give way to Ambulance in September 2014, which has enrolled many drivers to respond promptly to give way to ambulance which is instrumental in saving many lives in ambulance. For mission zero death in ambulance, we are adding the rescue ambulance initiative to enrol any citizen or bikers to come forward to rescue ambulance whenever they see ambulance is stuck in various traffic situations.

Most of us don’t know how to rescue ambulance, as it needs training. We at RADHEE in collaboration of traffic police have developed precise module to train the people so not only ambulance speeds up in various situations but also safety measure  are taken care so no accidents happens nor any violation of law is done.


Whoever wants to save one precious life, can join the initiative, fill up the enrolment form, become member and undergo training and whenever ambulance is stuck, rescue it to save one precious life and become instrumental in mission zero death in ambulance

Member Benefits:

  1. Skill to speed up ambulance in various situations
  2. Satisfaction of saving life and part of sustainable behavioural change
  3. Certificate of training, Membership card and equipment to rescue ambulance
  4. Appreciation on the social media once they rescue the ambulance and share the details with RADHEE
  5. Special recognition during the annual event.

For any sustainable social upliftment and social change NGO and private organization’s collaboration makes a difference. We at RADHEE are looking forward for Corporates and Industries support to Mission Zero Death in Ambulance and other projects of RADHEE.

Corporate has satisfaction for utilization of money for a project which is addressing the solution at 360 degree which will be long term sustainable, get visibility and branding and saving lives

Organizations can support following ways:

  1. Enroll their employees or members to become volunteer for various projects of RADHEE and support in administrative work.
  2. Support the project in CSR
  3. Sponsor IEC Printing for public awareness drive for Give way to Ambulance and Role of Good Samaritan and various other projects
  4. Sponsor Ambulance Driver and assistance training program
  5. Sponsor the quiz application development to enroll citizen Right Help, Early Help to save a life of accident or any critical patients
  6. Sponsor staff salary for policy advocacy, project execution and administration

What Organizations gets:

  1. Satisfaction of joining the organization which is working on long term sustainability by addressing 360 degree solution for cause which RADHEE is addressing
  2. Branding and Visibility
  3. Supporting the policy advocacy
  4. Instrumental in Preventing accident/ disasters
  5. Instrumental in Saving a Lives
  6. Instrumental in Reducing Disability
  7. Instrumental in Promoting early recovery
  8. Instrumental in reducing burden on health care infrastructure
  9. Instrumental in developing disaster resilience country
  10. Instrumental in reducing GDP Loss

Organizations can connect us at

What You can Do?

Promote the message – Give way to Ambulance – Move Left, Drive Slow, so Ambulance and other emergency vehicles can speed up through the right lane. Explain all driver and people how ambulance can speed up in congested traffic.

  1. Whenever you hear the siren of any emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire brigade, or police vehicle) all vehicles should give a left signal
  2. Left lane vehicle should slow down to make space for the right lane vehicle to safely come to the left lane, leaving the right lane free to speed up the ambulance

A standard message will reduce the confusion and ensure that ambulance and other emergency vehicles are speeding to save lives and reach for rescue operations.

Become Ambulance Rescuer – You can become ambulance rescuer and undergo training so whenever you see ambulance stuck in traffic, you are aware how to make way for ambulance so ambulance can speed up and a life is saved.

Fill the Membership Form and we will get back to you for other details.