I find Self-Immunity Check very useful tool for every citizen in this COVID-19 pandemic situation to improve their immunity. I personally feel this tool very useful and instrumental in guiding to boost immunity.

Dr. Shantaram Baburao Naik / Ex Jt Executive Health Officer, MCGM

I envisage Self-Immunity Check will be huge of help in gauging immunity levels; it will also direct attention of the public health professionals in finding suitable solutions. It provides the perfect avenue for finding synergy between data & its ability to provide the basis for informed policy formation.

Nivedita Haran / Rtd Addl Chief Secretary

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

The document prepared by you and your team is found to be extremely informative and handy to face the disastrous situation like fire. It has also provided the technical details of the causes and prevention of fire. 

Shantaram S Shinde / Joint Municipal Commissioner

Mumbai Fire Brigade

The organization is having a vast experience in Golden Hour Trauma Care Management and Disaster Management which is helping this department to create SOP’s / Guidelines / Flow Chart for handling disasters more effectively.

P. S. Rahangdale / Chief Fire Officer

Transport Commissioner’s Office

RADHEE came up with an idea to reduce accident deaths by faster transportation of victims. Their efforts is clearly seen on the roads where ambulances are given priority by other vehicles. They are found to be organised, detail oriented, result oriented, effective and committed to getting the work done.

S. B. Sahasrabudhe / Addl. Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra State

I have to say that Dr. Rita Savla has deep understanding about Golden Hour Management – Trauma Care Management and she is extremely passionate about this. I wish her all success.

Dr. Avinash Supe / Ex Director (ME & MH) and Dean KEM and SION Hospital, MCGM

It was a joy to be associated with Dr. Rita Savla of RADHEE. She was always prepared, participated actively in all discussions and often brought new and insightful angle to the issues under discussions. I have to say she knows more about Golden Hour – Trauma Care Management and Disaster Management. 

Santaram S Shinde / Rtd Jt Municipal Commissioner, MCGM

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

As a part of DRM Programme, School Safety Disaster Management Plan for 1145 school run under MCGM was designed by Dr. Rita Savla. She designed the training module for teachers and has taken training for Principal, Teachers, Jr. Supervisor for all the schools. 

Sr. Supervisor / Phy. Instruction

I had opportunity to work with RADHEE in past few years and have been consistently impressed with the efficiency and ability. This organization bring forth coordinated efforts for Golden Hour Trauma Care Management concept and Disaster Management.

Dr. Shantaram Baburao Naik / Ex Jt Executive Health Officer, MCGM

RADHEE Foundation took one of the key initiative to reduce the response time to railway accident and has developed team of trained first responder at every railway station, which has saved many lives and brought coordinated approach in western railway

Dr. H. M. Jain / Rtd Chief Medical Director, Western Railway

Indian Association of Traumatology & Critical Care

We commend their thought process towards this endeavour to reduce disability, save lives and to lighten the burden on the healthcare infrastructure. We endorse the idea of right and early help so that the patient can reach the right doctor in the right time for the best possible outcome.

Dr. Sanjay Shah / President

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

We are satisfied with the work carried out by RADHEE in ZONE-VII of MCGM and extend all our cooperation for her future activities for disaster preparedness. 

Ashok N Khaire / Dy Municipal Commissioner (ZONE-VII)