Disaster Rescue & Relief Management

India is a multi-disaster-prone country. Flood in various parts of the country is an annual event. Earthquakes and cyclones affect multiple districts at the same time. Managing these numerous disasters needs a well-coordinated approach for rescue and relief management. Though flood and cyclone can be predicted, it still needs considerable resources for the rescue and relief management.

State Disaster Management Plan and District Disaster Management plan needs massive data management, coordination, and communication to mobilize rescue and relief resources.

Current Scenario

  • Vast scope for improvisation in the current resources and relief work
  • Coordination between Government bodies and NGOs needs to improve
  • Agencies and volunteers are working in isolation and in an unsynchronized manner
  • Relief material is wasted because supplies and needs do not match
  • Unequal distribution of the relief material due to lack of information
  • The key and peripheral area gets all the focus while Interior pockets are left without rescue and relief support
  • State governments are using the IDRN (Indian Disaster Resource Network), CDRN, and other technology platforms to address specific solutions.

The need of the hour

The latest tools and technology guided by Management Principles should be used to reduce the disaster’s impact by performing smooth and synchronized rescue operations and equal distribution of relief material across all the affected areas. It is a need of the hour to have a one-stop solution that addresses all the above challenges instead of developing multiple platforms.


  • Early rescue and Relief Management
  • Mobilization of the resources
  • Equal distribution of the resources at the same time in all affected areas
  • Reduce the wastage of resources

RADHEE understands the importance of technology in disaster management and has developed a detailed application architecture. It aims to reduce the response time during disasters and decrease the number of deaths, disability, and economic impact originating from disasters by innovating, developing technologies and procedures for resource mobilization, equal distribution of relief material. It minimizes wastage of resources and reduces chaos during rescue and relief operations.

RADHEE’s has developed

  • Complete requirement specifications
  • The architecture design of the system
  • Processes and guidelines

Value Proposition

  • Thought through solution
  • Safe and secured one-step solution to handle response & rescue for the disaster of any type and scale
  • Simplification of management principles and translated in the tools supported by the latest technology
  • Easy to use and understand the system
  • Online & Offline based solution accessible through Web and Mobile (Smart) Devices
  • Multiple response agencies working in coordination in achieving a common goal
  • Integrated with alternate communication systems
  • Simultaneous implementation of the application across India
  • Uniform Solution, connecting each state of the country for the relief work
  • Reduce the effort by every state to develop a similar solution


RADHEE is looking forward to collaborating as a consulting & knowledge partner in developing the technology tool for Disaster Rescue & Relief Management. RADHEE wants to coordinate with NDMA, SDMA to build an appropriate and accessible solution across India. It will enhance response agencies’ capabilities in receiving quick and complete information of the disaster event, conduct effective response planning, and disseminate uniform information across various response agencies on actions to be performed.

The application would avoid duplication, wastage, and scarcity of material in all affected areas, including outskirts and interiors. RADHEE follows supply chain management principles for demand and supply prediction, transportation, and distribution material packaging. It has a team of trained volunteers that are allocated in affected areas as required.

Till the collaboration with NDAM / SDMA is established for developing a 360-degree technology solution for Disaster Rescue and Relief Management, RADHEE contributes in relief material mobilization during any natural calamities. It collaborates with government, NGO’s, corporate donors, and volunteers for relief material mobilization to ensure equal distribution of relief material and reduce the wastage of relief material.

During every disaster, RADHEE does a need assessment of the local regions, identifying the problem area, and coordinating with multiple stakeholders.


Coordinate with NGO and donor agencies to send relief material to the disaster-affected area
• Reduce duplication and scarcity of material
• Ensure appropriate packaging for quick and easy distribution

Below are few support activities that RADHEE provided during natural disasters in India

Kerala Flood 2018

  • Did advocacy with the Kerala Health Department to give Doxycycline to every victim, rescue agencies, and volunteers to prevent the Leptospirosis epidemic post-disaster
  • Supported Kerala Health Department to enroll donor agencies to donate Doxycycline and enrolled the health department to develop the technology platform for the distribution
  • Developed IEC Material for Leptospirosis, Emergency Kit, Snake Bite and Heatwaves post-disaster
  • Recommended SDMA, Kerala to use alum for water purification
  • Organized supply of alum to SDMA, Kerala, and coordinated for distribution at ground level
  • Guided donor NGOs and Corporate organizations on requirement and packaging of relief material and connected them with Collector and local NGO for distribution


Leptospirosis: An epidemic of Leptospirosis was successfully prevented post floods even though Kerala already had many Leptospirosis cases before floods. Booster does of Doxycycline was given in an area where even a single incident of Leptospirosis was detected.

Medical Camps and Prophylaxis Medicine during Floods: Enrolled donors, Doctors, NGOs, and volunteers to set up medical camps and distributed prophylaxis medicine to prevent the epidemic during the following floods.

Fani Cyclone 2019

  • Worked with Health Department, Odisha for preparedness towards any medical emergencies
  • Worked with local NGOs and donor agencies for supporting medical camps at various places affected by the Fani cyclone
  • In coordination with the district collector, identified the emergency requirements of relief material and enrolled the corporate for relief material and collaborated with local NGO for distribution

Maharashtra Flood 2019

  • In collaboration with District Collector, DDMA of Palghar, Vasai Virar, and Kolhapur understood the emergency requirement for relief material.
  • Enrolled donors, NGOs, doctors, and volunteers for relief material and medical camps
  • Enrolled Health department for preventive steps for the epidemic of Leptospirosis and water-borne diseases

Nepal Earthquake 2015

  • Supported Health Department and NGO’s from Nepal in setting up medical camps
  • Enrolled donors for supporting the set-up of mobile Operation Theatres, and provide medical kits, and relief material
  • Enrolled doctors to visit Nepal for medical support

What You can Do?

If you wish to donate or volunteer during a disaster, do connect with us. During a disaster, multiple skilled people are required, and RADHEE could help you get trained in staying safe while volunteering and contribute positively.

During any disaster as a corporate organization, NGO, or donor if you want to contribute in whatever way, do connect with us and we can guide you what needs to be done so your efforts are utilized as per the requirement of disaster. It will avoid duplication of effort and relief material; it will ensure relief material reaches the most needy and equal distribution of relief material. It will also ensure there is no wastage of relief material.

For disaster relief effort and support write to us in advance so we can get back to you on earliest.