First Responder

This First Responder training program is designed to prepare you (volunteer) to help others in event of accidents, bomb blast, terror attack and other such emergencies. The training will help you to effectively communicate with government bodies and hospitals.

You are prepared to save life by giving “Early Help and Right Help”

The program is aimed at providing basic skills, and confidence, required to save someone’s life in an emergency. The message conveyed by the program is basic and repetitive so that participants become thorough in the skill-set being taught.

The program elements include,

  • Recognising an emergency

  • First contact with the victim

  • Contacting Police/Hospitals

  • Opening an airway

  • CPR

  • Immobilisation

  • Controlling bleeding

  • Special scenarios (Bomb blasts, drowning, choking, electrocution, heart attack)

The program’s target audience is:

  • Police emergency responders

  • Traffic Police

  • School & college students

  • Young professionals

  • Three-wheeler & taxi drivers