1. Guidelines for Personal Safety for Disaster Preparedness Rs. 50.00

  2. Topic covered – are what types of Disaster can affect us and book will help one to update knowledge of one should do or shouldn’t do during disasters /emergencies

  3. Guidelines for Emergency Preparedness Rs. 50.00

  4. Topics covered are how one should be prepared for himself /herself. Guidelines for family disaster plan.

  5. Personal Information Card Rs. 10

  6. This is card one should always carry with himself/herself which helps in getting early help.

  7. Fire Preparedness – A Safety Guidelines Rs. 174.68 OR $ 3.00 — Download online from below link

  8. This book talks in detail about the cause of fire, types of fire, how to extinguish fire, dos and don’ts of fire and how different organisation should have Fire Prevention- Disaster Plan.

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  9. Flood Preparedness – A Safety Guidelines Rs. 100.00

  10. This book talk about cause of flood, prevention of flood, dos and don’ts of flood and how different organisation should have Flood Prevention- Disaster Plan

Buy one and Sponsor one

Against every copy of book purchased by you, a copy shall be donated to the people during our “Slum Preparedness Program” and “School Safety Program” in Municipal Schools

Note: Actual Courier & packaging charges will be added for the courier anywhere in India.