Youth Empowerment

1. Youth First Responders

Objective- Youth Empowerment program have three objectives.

  1. Enrol the youth studying in colleges to impart knowledge & importance of safety. Concept of Disaster Management Plan and role of students at every stage during developing the College Disaster Management Plan.

  2. Train the youth as First Responder.

    When college students are enrolled in every stage of College Disaster Management Plan. This will help to take the knowledge when they work in any organisation and crate the safe environment to work.

    College students who are trained as First Responders become good assets to the college if any accident/ disaster happens in college campus and surroundings. These youth will eventually become future asset to the organization where they work and in community where they live.

  3. Enroll the student for "Safe Drive" to prevent the Accident

    Youth empowering with knowledge means developing the future asset for the country.