Slum Preparedness

To educate slum population through specific training modules about preparedness and prevention of monsoon diseases.

Slum area in urban cities are vulunerable to multidisasters like fire, flood, chemical accidents, epidemic etc.

People staying in this area are economically weak and have poor educational background and hence are vulnerable. They also have misconceptions of health emergencies and are prone to epidemics

Along with Municipal Corporation and Mumbai Police we have identified vulnerable area and developing capacity building program and team of trained first responders.

3 wards are identified from Malad to Andheri – P-North , P-South, K-West.

Step 1 -Disaster Management Plan of this area is prepared. Preventive steps are being taken to reduce the vulnerability.

Step 2 Training of first responder team in different capacity is in process.

Step 3 – Every home located in this slum area will be prepared for the personal safety, health, hygine and family preparedness with the help of volunteers.

We invite organisations and individuals to enrol as volunteers in this project.

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