Self- Immunity Check

Strong Immunity is the key to combat COVID-19.

“Self-Immunity Check” is the unique solution that RADHEE has developed to reduce the burden on Health Care Infrastructure.

Entire solution is developed understanding the Indian people’s approach towards the mental and physical health, making it easy for acceptance and enrolling the people to work on it.

Corona Virus named SARS-COV2 is enveloped RNA virus which is one of the deadliest viruses as it spreads through respiratory secretions and it survives in different surfaces from 4 hours to 7 days. In many cases, post infection, patients have been reporting of re-infection making it extremely complicated virus to understand and deal with. Face mask and physical distancing of 3 feet is helping to reduce the spread but is not the solution.

People infected with COVID-19 diseases are categorised in 4 stages

  1. Asymptomatic – does not show any medical symptoms

  2. Mild Symptoms – symptoms are mild in nature and can be treated at home.

  3. Moderate Symptoms – require continuous medical attention and hospitalization

  4. Critical – require ICU care and/or life support

Researchers have mapped immune responses from COVID-19 patients, showing the body's ability to fight the virus and recover from the infection. According to the WHO, 80% of new Covid-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic not requiring Hospitalization and ICU care. Strong Immunity of human beings will be a game changer in fight against COVID-19 pandemic and it could increase asymptomatic and mild symptom patient’s proportion to 90-95%.

Stress created by negative media news, economic impact, lockdown and fear of getting infected is reducing the immunity of the citizen and many patients are elevating into moderate symptoms and critical category who require hospitalization. Strengthening the immune system will limit the impact of disease in the body to Asymptomatic or Mild Symptoms not requiring hospitalization thereby reducing deaths and burden on healthcare infrastructure.

Strong immunity will protect the body from being susceptible to diseases. Even if one gets disease, strong immunity will keep a person asymptomatic or mild symptomatic not requiring hospitalization and ICU care.

RADHEE has developed a web application “Self-Immunity Check” for people to do a self-assessment of their physical and mental health. The questionnaire and recommendations will be system driven thus giving privacy to the users to respond honestly and frankly. It will also encourage them to accept mental health as an important area for strengthening immunity and take remedial actions. Recommendations will be based on their answers that will encourage them to take corrective measures. It will help them understand on what aspect can they work on to boost their immunity and wellbeing.

Remedial measures taken to improve physical and mental health will strengthen the immunity of people and thereby improve their ability to fight COVID-19 disease. Even few percent reduction in patients requiring hospitalization would have huge gain in our fight against COVID-19 pandemic.


For Users

  • Improve Immunity of people to fight disease

  • Limit the impact of COVID-19 to asymptomatic or mild symptoms

  • Initiate conversation on Psychological Health, so that people start taking precautionary measures

  • Critical – require ICU care and/or life support

  • Promote balanced diet and healthy food habits to improve immunity

For Goverment

  • Reduce burden on healthcare infrastructure by reducing hospitalization

  • Analyze what is the impact of lockdown on the people’s psychological state

  • Through location compare the status of people in Green, Orange & Red Zone

  • Do target based communication for people who are suffering with specific symptoms like (suicidal tenancy, severe mental conditions, etc

  • Promote Government’s Psychological Helpline

  • Get quantity of physically & mentally unfit people in specific areas to estimate future course of infrastructure expansion

  • Identify area wise people’s quantity with symptoms specific to COVID-19


  • Establish as an intellectual NGO working in Health sector

  • Work in collaboration with right stakeholders like the Government Departments, education institute and Subject Matter by Experts

  • Recognize RADHEE as an organization which could execute projects at National Level

For Partner Organization

  • Brand visibility to a large audience

  • Brand association with socially important subject / project

  • Association with NGO who is working on sustainable project and is non-political

  • Satisfaction that their monetary or intellectual support is going in the right channel for upliftment of the Country


  1. Vidhylankar Polytechnic College was the first institution of higher learning to be established in Mumbai. It is affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE), approved by AICTE, DTE – Govt. of Maharashtra and affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

  2. Vidya Prasarak Mandal’s K.G. Joshi College of Arts and N.G. Bedekar College of Commerce, Thane (West) was the first institution of higher learning to be established in Thane City in 1969. The college reaccredited by National Assessment and Accredition Council (NAAC), Bangalore and awarded ‘A’ grade in January 2011(2nd cycle) and subsequently has awarded ‘A’ grade in November 2016 during 3rd cycle. The college is one of the Community Colleges of the University of Mumbai and has got the Best College Award of University of Mumbai (2011-12). The college is also ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

  3. Karve Institute of Social Service, NAAC accredited ‘A’ grade. The Institute is one of the premier institutes in social work education offering a post-graduate degree in social work as well as M.Phil. and PhD in Social Work. The Institute also offers 2 autonomous a Post-Graduate Diploma in CSR and Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Counselling. The Institute has a well-equipped B D K research and consultancy cell. Professional social work research projects are conducted for local/national NGOs, State/Central government departments as well as for national and international organizations, Corporate and Government. Centre of Excellence for CSR and Centre for Mental Health and Disability are well established wings of the Institute.

  4. MasterMyLife as an Industry Partner with the University of Mumbai’s Garware Institute (GICED) has developed industry, employment, entrepreneurship and competency development oriented Post Graduate Courses in mental health.