Accident Prevention

On Indian Roads & Railways, almost 2.3 lakh people die and about 10 lakh people become disable due to accident every year. Most of the deaths or disabilities happen due to mishandling of the victim at site and delayed treatment.

  • 15 people die every hour in road accidents in India. 60 are seriously injured every hour.

  • 80% victims do not receive any medical care within the Golden Hour (Indian Journal of Surgery).

  • Road/Rail accidents in India are the leading cause of death in the age group 15-40, the most productive section of society.

  • The annual economic loss is close to 2.5% of India’s annual GDP (Planning Commission of India).

  • Bystanders are unable to provide any help due to fear of legal hassles and lack of training.

  • Police is the first to respond in most cases but untrained to provide even basic first-aid to victims.

RADHEE identifies the vulnerable areas and does the capacity building program by developing the team of trained first responders and resources. In association with government bodies and institutions, RADHEE enrols the community for preventive measures to reduce the number of accidents.

Rail Accident:

15,000 death happens every year in Indian Railway, Out of which 6,000 people die only in Mumbai. 1000 people die due to falling from train. 4,000 people become disable alone in Mumbai every year due to rail accident

In Mumbai city alone, almost 70- 80 accidents happen daily on the road and 25 accidents on railway.

To begin with in Save Life projects, we are doing following steps with Mumbai Railway

  • First Responder committee at every railway station

  • Upgrading the first aid box content

  • Change in the medical manual for training at railway board.

  • Training of porters and vendors who are always present at railway station

  • Passenger awareness program to reduce the accidents.

  • PIL to change the policy of early response to accident victim.

  • Awareness program among the commuter to take safety precaution and help the accident victim.

** In 2010 and 2011, training & enrollment programs were conducted between Churchgate to Virar station of Western Railways. This exercise helped in reducing the death rate by 10%. i.e 2 lives per day. This influenced Western Railway and Central Railway to support the program at other railway stations

Road Accident:

Identifying the accident prone area on the roads/ highways and developing the team of trained volunteers of local people like local vendors, hawkers, cobbler, news paper vendors and road sweepers etc who are always present on the road.

Developing IEC (Information Education Communication) material to sensitize the Indian citizen to prevent the accident

What You can Do ?

RADHEE’s First Responder training, connecting & mobilizing common citizens and Police personnel to become first-responders to road accident victims and provide basic but life-saving care to victims in a timely fashion.

  1. If you witness or come across an accident, the least you can do is call the Police and ambulance service.

  2. Learn how to help accident victims.

  3. Drive responsibly. An accident can change your life forever.

  4. Be mindful of emergency vehicles. Always give way to them.

Don’t turn a blind eye to road/rail accident victims. For more information, write to us at