Founders Message

In our mundane life we hear, read and see many people lose their life due to an accident, a disaster or a heart attack. Research suggests that urban innovation in infrastructure add more such incidents. Research also suggests that people who are prepared for emergencies are impacted to a lesser extent than those who are not prepared.

Being a medical graduate and with my experience of working in six disasters including Earthquake, Tsunami, Bomb Blasts and Floods, I found that people have suffered financially, socially and psychologically even more because they did not know what to do in such situations. This made me realize the importance of preparedness. RADHEE was born of this realization.

RADHEE believes that during emergencies, the first 10 minutes (Platinum 10 minutes concept) are crucial and if one is prepared then they can not only help themselves but also those around them. It is very important to know the methods which provide correct & early help that will not only save life but also reduce disabilities and promote early recovery.

RADHEE is working towards implementation of the concept of prevention and preparedness for accidents, disasters and health emergencies. It aims to prepare every individual by training them to be ready to handle an emergency situation such as an accident or a disaster and medical emergencies such as a heart attack.

RADHEE is also involved in developing Emergency Medical Services that aims to develop infrastructure to handle disasters in the shortest possible time.

Dr. Rita

Dr Rita is a medical graduate who is actively involved in preparing policy guideline for disaster preparedness in various capacities.