RADHEE provides training to prepare you to save yourself and your loved ones in emergencies

Our Message:

Let us not wait till another Flood, Fire, Bomb-blast, Terrorist Attack or the kind to open our eyes only to regret on what we could have done otherwise.

Instead may we prepare ourselves to prevent and minimize, the loss and injury of people and property that of individuals, corporates, society and of world at large which may become a victim of the nature or the wrong-doers in the future.

Let us not depend on the mercy of others but be the right helping hand at the time of such unforeseen misfortune.

Disaster Rescue and Relief Management System

During event of Disaster for rescue and relief work one need to act promptly. Use of technology and information about needed resources in advance will help to reduce the response time. RADHEE’s web and mobile application for the Disaster Rescue and Relief Management System will help to save life and reduce the disability and economic loss to victim, his family and to nation. Continue…. 

Prepare Yourself + Donor Registry

One needs to prepare them-self and their family for any kind of emergency. This helps during the any medical, accidental or disaster emergency. With this preparedness one can assure for getting “Early Help Right Help” which is need to Save Life, Prevent Complication/disability, Early Recovery.

This technology also help to get the rich Blood Donor’s inventory and also platform to pledge for the Organ Donation. Continue…..

Save Life

Day by day number of accidents are increasing and one need to prevent the accident and post accident get “Early Help Right Help”. 

Save Life Project is to develop the team of trained volunteers at accident prone spot in Railway and Road to also take preventive measure in association with government. Continue….

Everyone Helps Victims During a Disaster

Trained Help

Untrained Help

We believe that nobody should suffer for want of qualified assistance